CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 Braindumps

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CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 Braindumps

Which twostatements about migrating a network from pvst+ to rapid pvst+ are true?(Choose two)
A. Coreswitches must be migrated before the access layer switches
B. Becauserapid-PVST+ is backward-incompatible with PVST+, all switches on the networkmust be migrated at once in a single maintenance window
C. Accesslayer switches must be migrated before the core switches
D. If the LANruns in mixed mode automatically during the migration, convergence time is lessthan when all switches are in PVST+ mode
E. Root guardand BPDU guard are disabled automatically during the migration
F. UplinkFastand BackboneFast are disabled automatically during the migration

Which command must you configure on a device so it can establish an IPv6-in-IPv4IPSec tunnel?
A. vrf contextvrf-name
B. mpls ip
C. ip cef
D. ipv6unicast-routing

Refer to theexhibit.

Which statement about the destination network is true?
A. Theneighbors fail to meet the feasibility condition.
B. Thereporting distance for the feasible successor is 49000
C. Thereporting distance for the successor is 409600
D. Thereported distance is too small to support a feasible successor route

Which two statements about AT0M are true? (Choose two)
A. When usingAToM, the IP precedence field is not copied to the MPLS packet
B. It providessupport for L2VPN features on ATM interfaces
C. Itencapsulates Layer 2 frames at the egress PE
D. AToMsupports connecting different L2 technologies using internetworking option
E. Theloopback address of the PE router must be either /24 or /32

What are the two types of Embedded Event Manager policies?
A. action
B. event
C. script
D. applet
E. set
F. label

Which traffic-monitoring class allows PfR to run on platforms with limitedborder-router functionality?
A. passivemonitoring
B. containedmonitoring
C. fastfailover monitoring
D. specialmonitoring
E. activemonitoring

Refer to the exhibit.

SW1 and SW2 are connected to routers R1 and R2 via their L2 trunk ports. Which commandcan you enter on the switches to allow the hosts on VLAN 20 to join themulticast group via the upstream L2 ports?
A. ip igmpsnooping vlan 20 mrouter interface gigabitethernet0/0
B. ip igmpsnooping vlan 20 static interface gigabitethernet0/0
C. igmpsnooping querier
D. ip igmpsnooping vlan 20 mrouter learn cgmp

Which twostatements about IGMP filtering are true? (Choose two)
A. It supportsIGMPv3 join messages.
B. By default,an interface can join a maximum of 4 IGMP groups
C. It supportsgeneral IGMP Queries
D. It can beconfigured on SVIs and on a per-port basis
E. Multicastprofiles can be configured to filter multicast joins

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