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Which statement about the implementation of Cisco TrustSec on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches is true?
A. While SGACL enforcement and SGT propagation are supported on the M and F modules, 802.1AE (MACsec) support is available only on the M module.
B. SGT Exchange Protocol is required to propagate the SGTs across F modules that lack hardware support for Cisco TrustSec.
C. AAA authentication and authorization is supported using TACACS or RADIUS to a Cisco Secure Access Control Server.
D. Both Cisco TrustSec and 802.1X can be configured on an F or M module interface.
Answer: A

How is a dynamic vNIC allocated?
A. Dynamic vNICs are assigned to VMs in vCenter.
B. Dynamic vNICs can only be bound to the service profile through an updating template.
C. Dynamic vNICs are bound directly to a service profile.
D. Dynamic vNICs are assigned by binding a port profile to the service profile.
Answer: C

The Connectivity Management Processor monitors the active supervisor module on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch and will reboot the device in the event of a lights-out management issue. However, which option includes features that provide similar benefits in the absence of the Connectivity Management Processor?
A. high-availability functionality from features such as vPC and NSF
B. traditional system connectivity models like SNMP, GUI, or SSH
C. Cisco FabricPath
D. VDC failover
Answer: A

Which statement about SNMP support on Cisco Nexus switches is true?
A. Cisco NX-OS only supports SNMP over IPv4.
B. Cisco NX-OS supports one instance of the SNMP per VDC.
C. SNMP is not VRF-aware.
E. Only users belonging to the network operator RBAC role can assign SNMP groups.
Answer: B

In the dynamic vNIC creation wizard, why are choices for Protection important?
A. They allow reserve vNICs to be allocated out of the spares pool.
B. They enable hardware-based failover.
C. They select the primary fabric association for dynamic vNICs.
D. They allow dynamic vNICs to be reserved for fabric failover.
Answer: C

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